Sustainable Real Assets

The global transition to sustainable energy, transportation and agriculture is transforming real assets.

EVgo Charging Asset

As consumer preferences push toward sustainability, traditional real assets (e.g., those powered by fossil fuels) are being phased out.

This explosive growth in sustainable real assets is accelerating. Massive investment is required to scale sustainable real assets into infrastructure the world can rely upon.

2040 and Beyond
Investable Opportunities ($bns)
Traditional Real Assets
Sustainable Real Assets

We see immense opportunities throughout the sustainable real asset landscape:

Sub Sector
Emerging Opportunities


Sub Sector
Emerging Opportunities

Energy Transition

Renewable power cheaper than incumbent

Energy Storage

Battery costs collapsing quickly

Renewable Natural Gas

Rapidly expanding utility demand


Sub Sector
Emerging Opportunities

Charging Infrastructure

EV sales are increasing utilization

Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Strategics seeking investor help

Maritime Electrification

Private and public-led initiatives


Sub Sector
Emerging Opportunities

Sustainable Crops

Focus on local and sustainable

Water Infrastructure

Climate change affecting weather

Sustainable Proteins

Supply chains are underdeveloped